Seattle food enthusiast’s, Molly and Kristen, joined forces to address the lack of resources dedicated to cooking for one. We believe that feeding yourself well is creative, enjoyable and something everyone deserves, especially if it’s just you.  By providing delicious recipes, tips on creating less waste and highlighting what to do with leftovers, My Decadent Life is our passion project that we hope others will find useful.

Hi, I’m Molly!


Dietitian by day and foodie by night, I’m always thinking about my next great meal.  With a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Washington and a master’s in Whole Foods Nutrition from Bastyr University, I’ve focused on food and culture for most of my adult life. And it’s so much more than work; I make a hobby out of meal planning, shopping, cooking, dining, gardening, and recipe-reading.  As a single woman, centering my life on tasks that could very well be considered “domestic” has baffled many around me.  Why go to all that trouble for one person? Sometimes I’ve wondered the same thing. But now I’m coming to understand what it’s all about.  For me, cooking is a meditation; it’s an act of self-care, and it’s really the only way to go when you love food as much as I do.

As an artist and creative entrepreneur, Kristen has been an inspiration for me throughout the years.  I’m thrilled to be sharing this endeavor with her.  I hope we’ll motivate other singles out there to cook for themselves, because darnit, we’re worth it!

Hi, I’m Kristen



Hello!  My name is Kristen.  I opened up a small toy shop in Seattle in 2004 and have focused most of my attention to being a small business owner since.  I also am the President of Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle’s largest indie craft show.  As much as I love crafting and running my own business, I love to make a good meal.  I have always enjoyed cooking and even have a few of my “menus” I would make for my family as a kid.  I would write out the menu, cook the food and present it to the table.  When I started living alone, I had to reinvent the way I cooked as I always had people in my life to cook for.  I felt a little less adventurous and just had less time.  It also can be a lot more expensive cooking for one.  But despite those challenges, I have always really enjoyed cooking.  Monday’s are one of my days off and I often use that day to cook for the week so I am not eating out all the time and spending way too much money on mediocre food.

The one thing I have found is there is a lack of good food blogs for those cooking for one.  I would love to find clever ways to use up those items in your fridge that you have WAY too much of.  After talking with Molly about the lack of resources and how single folks deserve a good meal just as much as those in a relationship or in a family,  we decided to start our own blog.  I am the amateur here, as Molly is well trained, but I have been cooking for a long time and I am always up for a new recipe and switching things up a bit.

After committing to this blog, I already feel excited to spend even more time in the kitchen so that hopefully we can inspire others to spend the time on a good meal no matter if you are cooking for one or 12.



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